Poduct range
Mechatronics AR 2008

Our product range comprises:

1. Industrial:
    Laboratory Equipment & quality testing devices for Pharmaceutical Industries
    Science Laboratory Analysis Devices for universities
    Laboratory Refrigerators, Freezers And Incubators
    Photometer Laboratory Devices
    Polarization Measurement Devices
    Sterilization Devices
    Water Testing & Treatment Equipment
    Miscellaneous Testing Devices
    Laboratory Equipment for Textile Industries

1. Medical:
    Fluorescent Immunoassay analyzers and reagents
    Blood gas analyzer and reagents
    Blood coagulometer and reagents
    Covid 19 Diagnostic Reagent, Antigen, Antibody and PCR kits
    Automatic and semi-automatic Chemistry analyzers.
    Automatic Hematology analyzers, 3 diff. and fifth diff.
    Coagulometers, 2 channels and four channels.
    Microplate reader and washer (Elisa).
    Automatic urine analyzer station
    Blood collection tubes and consumables
    Hematocrit tubes with and without heparin.
    Membrane filters for microbiological analysis